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World's best chocolate with a purpose and a passion

Tree-to-bar chocolate from Meybol Cacao

Meybol Cacao is passionately dedicated to selling tree-to-bar chocolate made from the best and most exclusive fine cocoas from Peru. In addition, we offer high-quality cocoa nibs (roasted and ground fine cocoa beans) and raw cocoa beans in unprocessed form. Our award-winning chocolate bars are lovingly handmade from the best beans from our own cocoa trees or from selected plantations. We take care of people and nature. Our entire natural production process is controlled by us from start to finish. It is completely transparent and avoids intermediaries - straight from the tree to the chocolate bar. You can taste the result. Let us surprise you!

Ultra-Premium Quality

Peruvian cocoa varieties with fascinating aromas

Peru is home to 60% of all the world's cocoa varieties. And Peru is the country with the greatest diversity of cocoa beans in the world. All our cocoa beans belong to the Criollo variety. It is the finest of the premium cocoa varieties: Almost or entirely without bitterness, it dazzles with a rich palette of distinct secondary notes that round off its incomparable flavor and precious aroma.

The unique Criollo aroma profile is often described as nutty, flowery or fruity. International chocolatiers, gourmet chefs and chocolate artists often take the liberty to extend this palette of descriptions with terms of their own. The words used are similar to those a sommelier may employ to describe a wine with an exceptional aromatic note. It is therefore needless to add ingredients other than cocoa and sugar rto choclate made from Criollo beans. Cocoa alone creates a real explosion of taste in the mouth.

The Criollo cocoa tree has a lower yield than cocoa varieties used for mass chocolate production (e.g. Forastero) and is very delicate. Criollo cocoa consequently represents only 10 percent of world cocoa production – which is why it is reserved for the finest and most select chocolates. We only select the very best Criollo beans for our products, which makes it an ultra-premium fine cocoa in the truest sense.

In the following, we introduce you to three Criollo varieties from our ultra-premium range, which in total comprises about 10 of the finest varieties. Each one has its own special aroma and flavor profile, which you can experience by enjoying our chocolate bars. Chocolate from these varieties regularly ranked among the best at the International Chocolate Awards in recent years.

a. Chuncho

Chuncho cocoa is one of Peru's rarest, most pristine and outstanding cocoa varieties. It amazes with a dazzling flavor profile, has little acidity and a gentle mildness, without any bitterness. The beans are particularly small and therefore especially aromatic. The taste of Chuncho is very fruity and reminds of guanabana, raisins and hazelnut. It was originally grown by the Matshiguengas indigenous people who used to live in the remote Rio Apurimac and Villa Virgen valleys of the Cusco region in the south of Peru at an altitude of about 3,500 metres above sea level. Cocoa is still grown there today.

Because of its organoleptic properties, Chuncho cocoa is very sought after by chocolatiers for the manufacture of confectionery and chocolate bars.

Chuncho Cacao
Criollo de los Andes Cacao

b. Criollo de los Andes

The flavor of Criollo cocoa, however, not only depends on each particular variety and the plant's genetic makeup, but also on factors such as geographic area of cultivation, soil quality and climatic conditions. These are some of the reasons why one Criollo is not the same as another, representing instead an incredible diversity. This is what makes this cocoa, which we call "Criollo from the Andes" and which comes from the VRAEM region (valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers) in Peru, so unique. This Criollo displays a rich palette of distinct secondary notes that round off its incomparable taste and precious aroma of raisins, green tea, jasmine, bananas, nuts, wood, dark sugar and blueberries - all without bitterness.

c. White Cocoa from Piura

White cocoa from Piura in northern Peru, also known as Porcelana, is undoubtedly the crown jewel among cocoas and one of the most sought-after and rarest cocoa varieties on the planet. It is considered the best cocoa in the world and accounts for only 0.25% of world production. It is the purest form of Criollo cocoa. It combines a complex flavor profile with a perfect acid-fruit balance, with low astringency and bitterness. This cocoa delights with notes of nuts, caramel and light spices and a buttery texture.

The name white cocoa comes from the translucent, enamelled-looking, unripe cocoa pods hanging from the tree. These pods are also smoother than other varieties. The unripe beans inside the fruit are also pure white in color, which is typical of a true Criollo variety. White cocoa is cultivated at an altitude of between 100 and 800 meters above sea level in an area rich in biodiversity. White cocoa from Piura is considered to be unrivalled because of the uniformity of its phenotypic characteristics, but different flavours and aromas can be found depending on the area of cultivation.

White cocoa tastes of jasmine, melon, dried fruit, caramel, citrus, wood and dark sugar. It has medium acidity.

White cocoa from Piura-Peru

Pure Nature

Naturalness and Sustainability

One of our most important goals is to offer unpolluted chocolate, protect the environment, to preserve biodiversity and to maintain a balance between humanity and nature.

Sustainability is of central importance to our company, too, and serves as one of our golden rules: at our plantation we avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance, while we also carefully monitor our energy consumption. We encourage cocoa farmers who work with us to do the same. After all, it is Mother Earth who provides us with these wonderful foods, and in gratitude we owe her the care she deserves.

We offer our customers high quality cocoa without synthetic additives such as pesticides, artificial fertilizers and colorants. The manufacturing process is completely free of industrial solvents, irradiation or genetic engineering. We rely on the transparency of our supply chain and on laboratory tests by independent laboratories in Peru and Germany. Our products are of premium quality and the ingredients are sourced from natural, pollutant-free soils. We take responsibility for the social and ecological factors and guarantee that you are holding a safe, natural and fair product in your hands.

Sustainable Principles


Meybol Cacao has embraced the "Tree-to-Bar" concept. This means that we control and make transparent the entire value chain - from the cocoa tree to the finished bar. In other words: straight from the cocoa farmer to YOU, without intermediaries and without any loss of quality.

This involves choosing cocoa plantations and cocoa producers that meet our qualitative, ecological and social standards, selecting the finest and most aromatic bean varieties, growing, harvesting, fermenting, selecting and processing the beans, producing the chocolate locally in Peru, exporting, selling and delivering to our customers. The high quality of our products and their raw materials is guaranteed by us at all times.

"Direct Trade" specifically means for us that we pay the local farmers in Peru - direct descendants of the Incas - a fair price for their high-quality beans. We are concerned about them being able to lead a decent life and to build a future for themselves and their families. This is especially important in the inaccessible regions of Peru, where a secure income from cocoa farming opens up real prospects for the farmers. Farmers who would otherwise perhaps seek their fortune in growing coca and thus support drug trade.

Chocolate Awards

Chocolates of Excellence

Here at Meybol Cacao, we take pride in the fact that our "SINGLE ORIGIN CHUNCHO" has won a significant prize in our first year of existence. This fine dark chocolate made it among the worldwide finalists at the International Chocolate Awards 2018 and won a bronze medal in the European competition.

The year 2019 was even more successful. We could win silver medals in the European competition with our "CRIOLLO ORIGIN VRAEM", "CRIOLLO ORIGIN PIURA", "CHUNCHO COLLECTION N°3" and "CHUNCHO COLLECTION N°5". "CRIOLLO ORIGIN PIURA" was also awarded as the best chocolate in Germany! And "CHUNCHO COLLECTION N°5" won a silver medal in the worldwide competition and a gold medal in the category "Direct Trade"!

The jury was deeply impressed by the excellent quality of the chocolate made from fine raw cocoa varieties, which the company won in direct and friendly cooperation with farmers in one of the world's most remote regions in the Peruvian Andes.

You too can be impressed and immerse yourself in the world of ultra-premium chocolates with the exquisite products of Meybol Cacao. Come and experience the best chocolates in the world!