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About us

About Meybol Cacao Germany GmbH

Our company Meybol Cacao Germany GmbH dedicates itself with great passion to selling the best and finest cocoa origins from Peru.

We offer you raw cocoa beans in unprocessed form and crushed cocoa beans ( cocoa nibs) of the best quality to the best prices. In collaboration with talented chocolatiers we create finest bean to bar chocolate, that’s handmade from our beans.

We put special emphasis into the acquisition of our beans in its country of origin which is Perú and onto the ecological certified farming. Our company is responsible for the whole process which is starting by the selection of the beans and farmers that harvest and select the best of them, the plantation, harvest and preparation up until the product is exported, sold and delivered to our clients. The high quality of our product is ensured trough all this process.

Meybol Cacao not only represents excellent product quality but also human approach towards those who work hard to give us the possibility of enjoying these amazing products.


It’s more than FairTrade

Meybol Cacao stays in constant touch with the farmers in Peru and fights for their wellbeing and watches over them to ensure a decent living trough fair salaries.

It’s more then FairTrade, is more likely helping friends out. We choose to give it a name, HUBEANITY, which stands for Humanity and Beans.

Each order helps someone and we are more than thankful for that.


About the founder

Meybol Antuanet Estendorfer-Moran originally comes from Peru but has been living in Germany for many years. She loves her homeland, cocoa and chocolate and has always dreamed of bringing these elements together. This is how the business idea for Meybol Cacao was born.

Meybol has successfully completed training courses in the gastronomy sector and as a foreign language business correspondent in Germany and has acquired a great deal of practical knowledge of the cocoa business in recent years.

In addition to her professional expertise, she has a strong and convincing personality and an unwavering willingness to make a difference in the world. Due to their Peruvian roots and empathetic, winning way it is easy for her to establish trustful and successful business relationships with farmers and suppliers in Peru. This is one of the secrets to her success.

Meybol Cacao Germany GmbH owns a cocoa plantation of 5 hectares near Piura, Peru where Porcelana Cocoa is grown.