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Our mission

Our mission

Meybol Cacao is passionately dedicated to selling tree-to-bar chocolate made from the best and most exclusive fine cocoa varieties from Peru. We also offer high-quality cocoa nibs (roasted and ground fine cocoa beans) and unprocessed raw cocoa beans. Our award-winning chocolate bars are lovingly handcrafted from the best beans, harvested from our own cocoa trees or from selected plantations. At all times we care about people and nature. We are in control of the production process from start to finish, it is completely transparent and avoids intermediaries – from the tree to the bar.

When sourcing the fine cocoa beans in the country of origin, Peru, we place particular emphasis on the exceptional quality of the selected bean varieties and on organic farming. Meybol Cacao controls the entire value chain – from the selection of the farmers and their fine cocoa beans, to support in cultivation, harvesting and processing, the production of chocolate, export from Peru and delivery to the customers. This ensures a consistently high product quality.

Meybol Cacao has its own cocoa plantation: in Chulucanas (Piura region) in northern Peru, we grow our high-quality Porcelana cocoa on five hectares. Naturally, we use traditional methods, one hundred percent in harmony with nature and the environment.

It’s more than Fair-Trade

Meybol Cacao – this not only stands for the excellent quality of fine cocoa beans, but also for a humane approach to all those who work hard to ensure that we can enjoy these products.

Meybol Cacao is in constant direct contact with farmers in Peru and is committed to ensuring that they can lead a good life and that their valuable work is properly rewarded. We offer them safe working conditions, fair payment and a secure living environment. It is much more than fair-trade, but real help among friends: We call it HUBEANITY – a combination of “Humanity and Beans”.

Meybol Cacao has also set itself the goal of establishing educational facilities for local children in Peru. We know that education and knowledge is the basis for a stable and future-oriented community. We also want to educate the farmers of today and tomorrow so that we can continue to supply cocoa of the highest quality. After all, the people who work for us are the driving force behind our fine and delicious cocoa. Without them and their skills we would not be able to offer such a premium product.

With the purchase of our products you make a good contribution to this, and we are grateful for that!

About the founder

Meybol Antuanet Estendorfer-Moran originally comes from Peru but has been living in Germany for many years. She loves her homeland, cocoa and chocolate and has always dreamed of bringing these elements together. This is how the business idea for Meybol Cacao was born.

Due to their Peruvian roots and empathetic, winning way it is easy for her to establish trustful and successful business relationships with farmers and suppliers in Peru. This is one of the secrets to her success.

Meybol Cacao Germany GmbH owns a cocoa plantation of 5 hectares near Piura, Peru where Porcelana cocoa is grown.